Twitter is getting out of hand

#Twitter banned the main Mastadon account yesterday and folks are not exactly sure why. But Mastadon continues to grow and pull users away from Twitter, with more and more users on Twitter sharing their Mastadon handles.

What really surprised me though was the fact that Twitter is blocking links to Mastadon from being posted and treating their links as though they are malicious.

This was the warning I got when linking on another user’s profile link:

So I decided to go ahead post about it and share out my own link. Imagine my surprise when I saw this:

As a user who has been on Twitter from the beginning, and really loved using it and all the connections I made there, I find this really unnecessary and really sad to see happen. It feels like it is being killed off slowly (or maybe not all that slowly) and I don’t really understand why this is the way Elon Musk has chosen to run Twitter?